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Hire us for electrical panel upgrade services in Warrenton, VA and surrounding areas.

Have you noticed that your lights flicker or breakers trip when you turn on too many devices? This could indicate that your electrical panel is struggling to keep up. Not to worry - a simple fix can be found at Varco Electric. We perform electrical panel upgrades in Warrenton, VA and surrounding areas.

Panel upgrades are recommended for homeowners with old homes. A simple upgrade can boost your electrical system's safety, efficiency and performance, providing you with greater peace of mind. If you want to modernize your living space, a panel upgrade is the perfect solution.

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Learn how we can improve your electrical panel

Varco Electric can overhaul your old electrical panel with plenty of new features. We offer:

  • Circuit breaker installation services
  • Additional slot installation services
  • AFCI safety improvement services
  • GFCI safety improvement services
We'll make sure your panel can distribute electricity safely throughout your home.

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